Values of Open House Tartu

Open House Tartu is an exceptional architectural and cultural event with a strong concept, inviting partners to play a pivotal role in raising awareness of the present and shaping the city’s future. This remarkable event encapsulates the spirit of innovation, development of the environment, and community engagement, offering a platform for stakeholders to collaborate in showcasing the city’s architectural treasures.

At its heart, Open House Tartu celebrates the intrinsic connection between architecture, urban planning, and the community. By opening doors to spaces that are typically concealed from the public eye, this event sparks conversations about design, aesthetics, and functionality. As partners, your involvement in Open House Tartu signifies a commitment to fostering an environment where architecture serves as a catalyst for dialogue and change.

Through guided tours, lectures, discussions and raising awareness, Open House Tartu empowers partners to demonstrate their commitment to architectural excellence, sustainability, and community engagement. Your involvement will not only amplify your brand’s visibility but also showcase your dedication to fostering a city that thrives on innovation and inclusivity.

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Our Partners and Supporters

The personality of this highly traditional Swiss brand reflects a symbiosis of design, quality and functionality. LAUFEN, the premium brand under the Roca umbrella, is one of the world's leading manufacturers with a global distribution network. Over 130 years, the LAUFEN brand has been using the oldest malleable material known to man to make innovative sanitary products in state-of-the-art plants with legendary Swiss precision.

For LAUFEN, quality has two aspects: manufacturing knowledge and a high degree of practical benefit that the finished bathroom affords the customer – which is often not immediately apparent. LAUFEN, a Swiss company manufacturing products that allow water, a precious resource, to be used sparingly, demonstrates in this manner a commitment to preserving natural resources and environmentally-friendly production.

At LAUFEN, our purpose is to enrich people’s everyday lives by creating unique spaces for well-being, personal care, and health. From quality of service to the responsible way we develop and produce our products, the well-being of people and the planet is at the heart of everything we do. We work tirelessly to ensure the highest standard of technology, quality, aesthetics and functionality of all our solutions and are committed to operating more sustainability.

LAUFEN is environmentally conscious and committed to preserving natural resources. From design to production, factories, and functionality, LAUFEN employs special technologies to conserve water, make LAUFEN products easy to clean, and reduce the use of harsh chemicals in their maintenance. Many products are specifically designed to streamline the production process. LAUFEN cares about the environment.

The LAUFEN save! toilet, designed by EOOS, features a surprisingly low-tech solution to capture toxins, which treatment plants cannot prevent from reaching our rivers and seas, it could dramatically improve the sanitation industry’s environmental performance. Better still, it looks good and has already been certified for use across Europe. Read more about LAUFEN solution at

The photos depict LAUFEN projects – Rocca Towers and Oru Hub Hotel.

The British Council is an international organisation of the United Kingdom that deals with cultural relations and educational opportunities between the UK and residents of other countries.

The British Council is an international organisation of the United Kingdom that deals with cultural relations and educational opportunities between the UK and residents of other countries. Founded 90 years ago, the British Council has been active in the Baltic countries since the early 1990s, and in Estonia for over 30 years. During this time, hundreds of education and cultural projects and events have been organised in Estonia in collaboration with various partners.

In recent years, the British Council has primarily focused on implementing the People to People Cultural Engagement (P2P) programme. This programme supports the empowerment of young people, helps transform education systems, improves the teaching and learning of English, enhances inclusivity, diversity, and the development of 21st-century skills. The British Council uses its expertise and experience to help make the world a better, safer, and more inclusive place by engaging the entire society to create meaningful and lasting change.